Leather Care

Slight imperfections or color variation in leather is normal due to it being a natural material. To extend the life of your item - avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and other harsh elements for extended periods of time.

Unless you have chosen an item made specifically of untreated natural leather - your leather has been treated in the tanning process and can withstand circumstances of rain and daily use. You may experience temporary marks from rain, but they will disappear shortly without leaving any marks behind. Never fully saturate your item with water and in the instance that it occurs by accident.. do not try to speed up the drying process with use of heat tools. Always clean or dry your item by dabbing with a clean microfiber towel. You can often remove surface scratches by following the same process of using a clean microfiber towel and rubbing in delicate circles to buff them out. 

Leather will patina/darken with exposure to sunlight and the natural oils in your skin. If you choose to manually darken your item, you can use items like mink oil or coconut oil. 

Leather conditioning can be done annually to help extend the life of your item and prevent it from drying out. If you live in a very hot and dry climate, this is especially helpful. A natural product such as Smiths Leather Balm is a great option. This process WILL darken your leather so be mindful of that and start with a little bit of product and add more as needed. It's always suggested to let one coat fully dry before adding anything more.