Hi! Thanks for stopping by! 
My name is Erin and I'm the creative behind the brand.
Covet was founded in 2016. Almost due with my first son, I realized I needed a new long-term plan now that our family was growing. It gave me the necessary push I needed to leave my corporate position and trust that I could build a business that worked around my evolving family needs and provided me the creative freedom I desperately needed. Thanks to you, I've graciously been given the opportunity to create these pieces with my own hands, while still allowing me to be a prominent part of my boys' childhood every single day. 

The thing that I truly love about leather is the story it tells or the memories it recalls. As a kid my mom had this slew of keys always thrown into the top of her purse. Attached, was this little nub of what used to be a key chain. All black, mashed up leather with a ton of patina. The smell of that leather key chain literally defines a part of my childhood. I think we all have a part of that inside of us. Whether it's your dads old leather jacket, the seats in a nice car or simply the smell of your own bag that triggers how proud you are that you've worked hard to enjoy what you have...we relate in those memories. 
So here we are! Sometimes I start the journey for a new memory, or give new life to an old one. Covet is geared towards creating memorable pieces to be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

Thanks so much for supporting my family & my dream.

[ Photography by Angela Nunnink ]