Where it began..

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! 
Covet was founded in 2016 after what seemed like a whole lot of time just talking about how great it would be to open a shop doing something I loved. I just had a baby and, while I had worked really hard to set up a career for myself, I was lacking the creativity I needed. I could go on and on about all the details that led me here but instead I'll tell you about the why. 

The thing that I truly LOVE about leather is the story it tells or the memories it recalls. As a kid my mom had this slew of keys always thrown into the top of her purse. Attached, was this little nub of a key chain. All black leather with a ton of patina and all mashed up. (Honestly I'm not really sure what the hell it was supposed to look like once upon a time.)  It took me a long time before I realized that my love for leather didn't just begin one day in my adulthood. The smell of that leather key chain literally defines a part of my childhood the way a fresh cut lawn notifies us that summer is here. I think we all have a part of that inside of us. Whether it's your dads old leather jacket.. the seats in a car..
We relate in those memories.
Leather tells the story of a time, a person, a place, an adventure..
So here we are! Sometimes I start the journey for a new memory, or give new life to an old one. Covet is geared towards allowing you to make each piece your own.
By hand. One at a time. 

Thanks so much for supporting.